Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Whatsapp goes down for couple of hours and more than 1 million people turn to Twitter on Wednesday 3rd May,2017

Since the creation of whatsapp,more than 1 million people are good users of this app.
It has managed to promote the presence of social media across the globe.

Amazingly,low level educational persons have got their own way around mobile android and iOSphones just to learn how to use Whatsapp.

Many of which spend their precious time texting or making audio and video calls.

I am no Gold in Silver for this situation.I used to spend most of my time in the early inception of Whatsapp to the play store market.

I remember somewhere 2012,I had to write an exams but was late about 30 minutes  to enter the exams hall because of Whatsapp.I was almost denied to write the Chemistry paper.Thanks to

As I came of age,a little older,i started using whatspp as a social media business tool to assist in my studies at the university.I posted electronics for sale on many Whatsapp group I was in and got huge sales from it. I am not an old man per the statement though.

In short,Whatspp has had both merits and demerits in my life as I am growing up.

As posted by Business insider-
"Messaging service WhatsApp went down worldwide on Wednesday afternoon.
"WhatsApp is aware of the issue and working to fix it as soon as possible," a WhatsApp representative told Business Insider in an email.

The Facebook-owned messaging app stopped working around 4:50 p.m. ET, and as of 5:54 on Wednesday service had not yet been restored to WhatsApp users.
The outage occurred just as Facebook's senior management was on a quarterly-earnings conference call with Wall Street analysts and investors, but it went unmentioned.
WhatsApp users immediately took to Twitter to voice their frustrations...."

As for now the question I was asking myself is, is Whatsapp reliable for business?Will this liable to happen again?

I can still think of how much customers and clients got worried about the delay in messages to be delivered.

Couples, friends, lovers were all hit by this sudden shut down of one super app....Whatsapp.


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