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Online payments and Banking service providers in Africa


 Manage your money more easily and invest it more smartlyThe old problem is our relationship with money. 

We all have regrets about things we did, or didn’t do, or don’t think we’ll be able to do, with money. Money feels limiting when it could be liberating. The new solution lies in what we know and have now that we didn’t know or have a few years ago. Thanks to new insights in psychology, we know more about how people think and behave with money, and why. Thanks to new technology, we have tools to do things in radically different ways. Using these new insights and smart technology, 22seven can help people start over with their money. To see new things about it, get to know it better, keep it simpler, and grow it smarter. This was the conviction we launched with as an independent startup in January 2012. It was an ideal Old Mutual shared when they purchased 22seven a year later. Now we’re older, wiser, and more convinced of it than ever.
Find relevant insights, regularly.
Nudges are hints and observations about your money. See things you didn’t know or hadn’t considered, and use your money better. They’re personalised, based on your money and your spending.

Keep track of your money more simply.
All your transactions are automatically updated and sorted into categories. Find any transactions instantly. From 3 days, 3 months or 3 years ago. It’s all exportable. So your tax returns are made easy.
Grow your money more smartly.Investing tax free is better. Investing at low cost is even better. Put in as little as R350, any time. At a fee of just 0.68%. Invest 100% online. In as little as 5 minutes. Name CEO: Christo Davel
Company founded in: 2012
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @22seven
Category: Retail Banking

Direct Pay Online

The Home of Online payments

Direct Pay Online is the home of online payments, we believe in the FREEDOM to pay and be paid from Anywhere and Anytime. We fill the gap between you the merchant and your end customers.
Name CEO: Eran Feinstein
Company founded in: 2006
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @DirectPayOnline
Category: Payments & Transfers


Take the guesswork out of investing!

Abacus builds web and mobile software to help investors across the globe access African financial markets. We make it possible for both local and international investors to research and invest, any time, any where. Our founders, advisors and board of directors have extensive experience in global financial markets.We love what we do, and are infinitely curious.

The "Ideas and Discussions" section of Abacus is open network of investors which anyone can join and where they can share, learn, interact and compete with one another. Investors are better together than apart. See, Follow and Copy the best traders in our investment network by reviewing the trading history and risk profile of a trader and subscribing for their trades on email. Now, you can trade like an expert simply by copying an expert.

How does it work?
1.Get Started
With interactive text and video tutorials, articles and courses that start right from the basics and guide you to becoming a pro.

2.Get Social
Bring your friends along. Meet like-minded people, ask questions, get insights and ideas from other traders.

3.Get Confident
Get real time market data and analysis, read the latest news affecting your investments, see what the experts think and get guidance from pro traders.

Name CEO: Joel Macharia
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @abacuske
Category: InvestTech

Absa ChatBanking

Never leave Facebook or Twitter and do your banking!

Absa Bank Limited (Absa) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group Limited. Absa offers personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management as well as bancassurance.

If you love Twitter or Facebook, you'll love Absa ChatBanking
We are leading the way in digital banking innovation and are proud to bring you a world first in branking - ChatBanking for Facebook Messenger and a South African first - ChatBanking for Twitter. Giving you the ability to stay up to speed with the latest social media news and do your banking at the same time.
What is it?
ChatBanking for Twitter & Facebook Messenger allows you to make payments, buy airtime,data and electricity, check your balance or get a mini statement straight from Messenger or Twitter. This means that on those days when you need to get to the bank but the trending hashtags are keeping you glued to your social media feed, you won't have to miss a tweet.
How do I get started?
Step 1:
 Logon to online banking, click on Settings from the Express tab and add your profile
Step 2: Logon to Twitter and follow @AbsaChatBanking or Logon to Facebook and look for Absa ChatBanking
Step 3: Send a private message to @AbsaChatBanking and simply say "hi"

Barclays Africa Group Limited is 62.3% owned by Barclays Bank PLC and is listed on the JSE Limited. The Group is one of Africa’s major financial services providers offering personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management as well as bancassurance.

The Group was formed through combining Absa Group Limited and Barclays’ African operations on 31 July 2013. Reflecting the enlarged group’s pan-African focus, the Group's name changed from Absa Group Limited, to Barclays Africa Group Limited on 2 August 2013. Registered head offices are in South Africa and the Group has majority stakes in banks in Botswana, Ghana,Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania (Barclays Bank Tanzania and National Bank of Commerce), Uganda and Zambia. The Group has representative offices in Namibia and Nigeria, as well as bancassurance operations in Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia. Barclays Bank Kenya and Barclays Bank Botswana continue to be listed on their respective stock exchanges.Barclays Bank PLC has operations in Egypt and Zimbabwe, which are part of the African business and continue to be run by Barclays Africa Group’s management
Name CEO: Maria Ramos
Company founded in: 1991
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @AbsaChatBanking
Category: Retail Banking


Aella Credit

Aella Credit is a Fin-Tech company that is building platforms to make it easier for Africans to access financing.

Aella Credit is a Financial Technology company that is building platforms to make it easier for Africans to access financing. The company uses a proprietary algorithm to evaluate borrowers on it's mobile lending and money pooling platforms. Aella Credit is integrated with Nigeria's three main credit bureaus and has a core focus on machine learning/ Data Analytics.
Name CEO: Akin Jones
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Nigeria
Twitter: @aellacredit
Category: Lending & Financing


Blockchain as a payment infrastructure to enable cheap and real-time low value cross-border payments

Amoney is a full end fintech solution for cross-border payments, unification of mobile wallets and financial inclusion.

AMoney is developing a multi-rail technology as a blockchain-based payment infrastructure to help financial institutions, money transfer operators, mobile wallets and digital commerce entities to enable cheap and real-time low-value cross-border payments with direct settlement.>
AMoney connects poor unbanked people in urban and rural areas to the formal financial sector and enables them to become customers and suppliers by giving them access to digital financial services with the goal to help people in the world’s poorest regions to improve their lives and build sustainable futures by connecting them with digitally-based financial services.

For Financial Institutions, Payment Administrators, Ecommerce providers, start-ups, SMB and digital commercial entities, easily integrate AMoney into your payment workflows and get all the benefits of our platform for commercial trade transactions, Social Payments, e-commerce royalty and commission payments, international P2P and remittance payments, Benefits, Payroll, and Retirement Payments.
Name CEO: Fabrice Alomo
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Cameroon
Twitter: @AMoney_MAconect
Category: Payments & Transfers

awamo GmbH

awamo 360 is a mobile, biometric banking platform and credit bureau for microfinance.

Awamo 360 enables microfinance lenders (MFIs) in sub-Saharan Africa to digitize their business with minimal cost and effort by providing a mobile SaaS-solution with integrated biometrics. With awamo 360, microfinance business can be conducted conveniently, anytime, anyplace. awamo 360 offers all relevant functionality on one platform (client registration and management, loan management, savings accounts, accounting, SACCO shares, portfolio and risk management, and reporting) and conveniently guides the user through the processes. The loan officers and managers save up to 80% time, fraud and credit default rates decrease so the MFIs can save more than EUR 40 per loan on average, plus all the client data is always safe. Additionally, having structured data in realtime for reporting makes it much easier for MFIs to report to donors or to apply for donor money.
Name CEO: Benedikt Kramer
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Germany
Twitter: @awamo_group
Category: Lending & Financing


Blockchain Powered Solutions and Services

Bankymoon is a software and consulting firm with expertise in Blockchain technologies. We develop bespoke solutions for clients who require Bitcoin and other crypto-currency integrations.
The first and most well-known Blockchain is called Bitcoin.
At it’s most fundamental it is a distributed transaction ledger which is encrypted, stored and verified for consistency in a peer-to-peer network.
It enables, for the first time in history, digital assets to be transferred safely and securely and the ownership of those assets to be verifiable by independent parties.
Researchers and innovators are only just beginning to uncover the vast potential these distributed ledgers have to improve the efficiency and speed of systems in industries such as finance and medicine.
To be able to integrate into private or public blockchains it is important to understand their capabilities and limitations. Not all problems can be solved using the technology and many opportunities can easily be overlooked.
We provide insight and technical expertise to support our clients on this journey.
Name CEO: Lorien Gamaroff
Company founded in: 2014
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @TheBankyMoon
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin

Baobab by Microcred


Serving more than half a million clients in 10 countries with more than 130 branches and 3000 staff, Microcred has a strong focus on Micro & SME finance. In addition to its core Micro & SME business, Baobab is Microcred's digital finance solution for financial inclusion. With Baobab, Microcred offers financial services to emerging client segments, particularly the unbanked, with a focus on Micro & SMEs. Baobab / Microcred was created in 2005 by Arnaud Ventura, its current President & CEO.​ The Group is one of the few global financial institutions that has been able to deploy a cost-effective model to address the issue of Micro & SME financing globally. Main partners include PE Funds such as APIS and global financial institutions such as AXA.
Name CEO: Arnaud Ventura
Company founded in: 2005
Country: France
Twitter: @MicrocredGroup
Category: Retail Banking

BeepTool Communications & Integrated Services Ltd - BeepTool

M-NAIRA is a value sharing and money transfer services platform

M-NAIRA is a value sharing and money transfer services platform that interconnects all Nigeria bank accounts, Mobile wallets and billing systems to deliver instant remittance services to Nigeria by all Nigerians worldwide.M-NAIRA allows people to make real time money transfers from debit or credit card to Nigeria bank accounts, mobile-money wallets from all over the world to registered mobile-money users and Bank accounts in Nigeria. Our online service deals with the problems of convenience, cost and speed. Our transfers are instant to bank accounts,mobile wallets and we use the latest technology to offer a robust money transfer service. M-NAIRA is the industry leader in direct value remittance including mobile airtime, electricity, education, and healthcare. M-NAIRA also offers real-time international money remittance to any Nigeria bank accounts, mobile wallets that allows users to send and receive money safely to and from even the most remote locations worldwide. A major and recurring issue with money remittance is the sender not knowing how their money is spent. M-NAIRA is a new service developed to overcome this problem where the sender can remit value for a specific purpose we call it Value Remittance. M-NAIRA works directly with service providers to enable remote payment for services such as utilities, petrol, healthcare, school tuition, groceries etc. Nigerians in the Diaspora send up to $24 billion annually to Nigeria. At an average cost per transaction of 11.89%, Nigerians are spending more than $7 billion in fees. We think we can do better. So we built M-NAIRA, the fastest secure way to send money home directly to a banks account and mobile wallet. Pay bills directly for family and friends. We currently deliver money and pay bills to Nigeria instantly from any country or city of the world. We will continue expanding to African markets where mobile money has taken off.
Name CEO: John Enoh
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Nigeria
Category: Payments & Transfers


Do business across Africa with easy FX and B2B Payments

BitPesa is a pan-African platform redefining how businesses make payments to and from sub-Saharan Africa. Focused on using cutting-edge blockchain technology to increase efficiency across markets, BitPesa opens corridors for business payments and trade between Africa and the rest of the world. We exchange Bitcoins for Nigerian Naira, Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan shillings, which are delivered within minutes to bank accounts and mobile money platforms in the respective countries. We also sell Bitcoins in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. Our focus on adaptive, web technologies connects BitPesa with a strong, international broker network to ease the flow of funds.

Using BitPesa, organisations can now take control of their payments to employees, distributors, or suppliers, as well as collect payments from African customers. This includes payment from popular mobile money services as well as delivery to an organisation’s national or international bank account on the same day. We offer businesses the fastest and most cost-efficient way to make and receive payments in African currencies.

Name CEO: Elizabeth Rossiello
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @BitPesa
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin


A mobile wallet that implements Blockchain technology

Bitsoko is an Android mobile wallet that implements Blockchain technology in a bid to both remove the cost of transferring money between two individuals and to increase access to payment services. Our innovative solution doesn’t just allow bitcoins to be instantly sent around the world at minimal cost; our approach integrates Blockchain technology into the current mobile money platform in Africa and service providers, allowing access of funds to be sent from the developed world through Bitcoin to be received as mobile money. By integrating specific services such as energy providers, paying bills, payroll solutions for merchants in Kenya, we hypothesize that these easy-to-use services will create a system that can support small scale payments in all aspects of financial lives. These solutions to lower the costs of sending and spending funds can provide the stability and empowerment for further solutions and innovations to be created on our open development platform. We can replicate our services to integrate Blockchain with mobile money in East Africa throughout the continent and the rest of the world.
Name CEO: Gibz
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @Bitsoko
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin


Make money frictionless and universally accessible

Our vision is to make money frictionless and universally accessible. We are doing this by building an open, intelligent and global financial platform, using Bitcoin as our core infrastructure. We own and operate a core infrastructure that allows consumers or businesses to safely store Bitcoin or seamlessly convert between local currencies and Bitcoin, as well as all the necessary KYC/AML processes around that. The following products operate on top of this platform: BitX Smart Wallet: Our flagship wallet that makes it safe and easy for consumers to buy, sell, send and spend Bitcoin directly, or move other currencies using Bitcoin as rails. Includes the ability to buy prepaid airtime or generate virtual credit card numbers to help drive broader adoption. The wallet’s intelligent design sets a foundation for creating personalised, contextual and predictive financial experiences. The BitX Smart Wallet is the bank of the future. BitX Exchange: Low latency Bitcoin trading platform with multiple currency and country support. BitX for Business: APIs that allow businesses and developers to access our core infrastructure. These include merchants and PSPs, remittance companies and many others.
Name CEO: Marcus Swanepoel
Company founded in: 2013
Country: South Africa
Twitter: @BitX
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin


Your personal finance partner delivers world-class financial services anytime, anywhere. The spread of smartphones presents an incredible opportunity for the world’s emerging middle class to access banking options and achieve financial flexibility. is revolutionizing banking in Kenya, and will soon expand throughout the developing world.
Commitment to Privacy and Security
Branch eliminates the challenges of getting a loan by using the data on your phone to create a credit score. We encrypt the data you choose to share with us to protect your privacy. We do not share your information with third parties.

Fair and Transparent Services
Our fees are clear and easy to understand. Our terms allow for easy repayment. We do not charge late fees or rollover fees. The more you use Branch, the better it gets. As you pay back on time, our fees decrease, and you unlock larger loans with more flexible terms.

Innovative Product, Compassionate People
Complete our application in minutes. Receive your loan instantly. We provide world-class support, 24 hours a day. Ask a question in the app and receive a response in minutes. We are motivated by seeing you succeed, and we will never stop improving to better serve you.
Name CEO: Matthew Flannery
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @branch_co
Category: Lending & Financing

CA Payments

Connect Africa with Payments

ConnectAfrica is a B2B technology solution connecting various payment networks together. Members of the hub are able to facilitate cross-network transfers. Targeted members are, e-wallet providers, Banks, Payments Service Providers and many more. The Hub is initially focused in growing payment networks in East Africa although with partners in West Africa too.

The networks that are brought together at the switch are invaluable to all members since they benefit from a combined pool of products in different countries. That is the essence of the concept: to cheaply avail a unique mix of products and corridors created from the collected pool without incurring additional CAPEX or integration costs, not to mention travel and time costs to its members.

The Hub bridges the service gaps between the various members giving seamless connectivity for the end consumer(who is a direct customer of the member). Members connect to the switch through API only for security reasons. Two strong African banks supports the end to end settlements between the members. ConnectAfrica fills the gap that offers last mile multichannel transactions to Africa. These transactions are a variety:

Mobile wallets
Cash Bank
Prepaid cards
Bill Payments
Airtime top-up

Connect Africa has a platform that links multiple financial institutions, Money Transfer Operators and Mobile Network Operators across the world to allow them process their own real time international and domestic money transfers and payments. We offer turn key services and draw revenues by switching payments between members. We have a strong partnership approach and we increase the attractiveness by offering AML screening and settlements between our members.
Name CEO: Caroline Cherotich
Company founded in: 2012
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @ca_payment
Category: Payments & Transfers


Empower all consumers across Africa to get the best possible value from their money

Cellulant is Africa's leading payments ecosystem empowering consumers across Africa to get the best possible value from their money, by delivering the most connected one-stop mobile commerce solutions. Founded in 2004 by Kenyan, Ken Njoroge and Nigerian Bolaji Akinboro, Cellulant is already well-established in ten countries in Africa. To date, Cellulant is connected to more than 50 banks, 40 mobile operators, over 100 merchants and 200 businesses; touching the lives of more than 40 million consumers Africa-wide.
Our digital commerce solutions have had a transformational impact for our partners and our services have had a quantifiable impact on their bottom line in an increasingly connected Africa.
Name CEO: Ken Njoroge
Company founded in: 2004
Country: Kenya
Twitter: @Cellulant
Category: Payments & Transfers



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