Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Governemnt Services, ePayment & eCommerce Platform to GO ONLINE:Ghana Government

As part of the e-Government initiatives under the e-Ghana project,  the  National  Information Technology  Agency (NITA),  an  Agency  established  by  the  Ministry  of Communications  has  implemented  the  e-Services  and Government e-Commerce project to support operations of government  services  online.  Under  this  project,  a  portal infrastructure is deployed to provide a platform for online submission of application of services through the use of eForms,  an  e-Payment interface  for  payment  of  the services,  postal  and  delivery  services  and  Application Security for various Government Agencies.
Online payment types available on the platform includes Visa Card & MasterCard (Credit/Debit Cards), e-Transact Card, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Payall (Cash and Cheque) and Bank Transfer. Postal and Courier Services operating on the platform includes Ghana Post EMS and DHL.
The entire portal platforms are managed by the National Information Technology Agency who is currently managing the National Data Centre for Ghana Government.
The Data Centre serves as a centralized repository for the storage, management and dissemination of government data and provides a common platform for MDAs, MMDAs and other government organizations.  It  is  expected  to make  it  easier  for  the  public  to  access  government services, and also provide one-stop source of government information,  including  government  services  directory, which citizens and the entire public can easily search and access.
In addition, the e-Services module will merge government services  and  help  to  eliminate  the  difficulty  involved  in handling  complex  and  bureaucratic  processes  at interdependent  Ministries  and  Agencies  that  provide government services. Whilst the e-Payment Interface provides a platform for payment by citizens and businesses for services rendered on their behalf.  For government employees, this will enhance interaction with the  public  through  the  handling  of  forms  filled  out  by citizens  and  paid  online.  This  will  enable  information sharing,  faster  service  delivery  to  customers  ensuring customer satisfaction.
The  pilot  phase  of  the  project,  which  will  commence  in December  2014,  includes  government  agencies  like  the Passport Office, National Information Technology Agency (NITA), National Identification Authority and the Mineral’s Commission. Others  are  the  Births  and  Deaths  Registry,  the  Ghana Police  Service  -  CID,  the Food and  Drugs  Authority  (FDA), Ghana  Tourist  Authority,  National  Communications Authority  (NCA),  Accra  Metropolitan  Assembly  (AMA), Registrar  Generals  Department  and  the  Ghana  Revenue Authority.
Food product importers can register online with the FDA. Clients of the Passport Office will be able to submit personal details for application of their passports online. Births and Deaths Registry will also administer and respond to birth certified copy requests from the public. With  Accra  Metropolitan  Assembly,  registration  of marriage  and  acquisition  of  marriage  license  will  be applied and paid online. Ghana Tourist Authority  will register accommodation and catering  establishment,  while  DVLA  introduces  online drivers’ license renewal application and vehicle ownership transfer services with online payment.
The  Criminal  Investigation  Department  of  Ghana  Police Service  does  nominal  vetting  application  (for  nonresidents)  and  criminal  check  application  (finger  print vetting for local citizens including appointments).Users  of  Minerals  Commission’s  services  will  be  able  to apply for prospecting/ reconnaissance license and also for a land Cartographic search.
In addition, all relevant forms required to be completed by clients in order to receive any services from the Ministries, Departments and Agencies will be downloadable online to enable  applicants  to  print  the  forms  on  their  own  and complete them without travelling to Agencies’ offices for copies of the forms. For  instance,  passport  applicants  can  apply  online  and then  visit  the  passport  office  to  provide  their  bio  data including  fingerprints  based  on  automated  appointment scheduling process. Applicants will be notified automatically when their passports are ready for collection. While waiting for notification, clients will be able to track their applications to the Agencies online to determine the
Status of their application.
The e-Services and e-Payment will be rolled out first as a pilot during which period all the services provided by these government will be accessible online. Downloadable forms will  also  be  available  for  the  entire  respective  Agencies’ services,  which  applicants  can  download,  pay  online,  fill out and submit manually. During  the  pilot  stage,  implementation  of  the  eServices will  be  limited  to  specific  locations  at  each  of  the  13 Agencies’  offices  in  Accra.
At the end of the pilot, the project will be scaled-up to accommodate all the Agency locations and make their entire services available online. The  Government  Online  Services  Project “eServices  and  ePayment”  portals  was officially  be  launched  on  Wednesday  17th December,2014.


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